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Sunway at Electronica China 2019



The annual Electronica China trade fair in Shanghai has now opened. Sunway Communication is exhibiting its latest technologies at the fair in booth C1.1266.


In this exhibition, Sunway presents five application areas including mobile devices, wearable devices, automobile, smart home, and data centers as well as three technology domains: RF (Radio Frequency) integration, precision metals and interconnectivity. All solutions are targeted at meeting the beginning of the 5G era with innovative technologies.


"In the future, with the advent of 5G, mobile device vendors will need to cater to an increased level of consumer expectations. The demand for RF services will be higher, and the process will become increasingly difficult. Application of new materials fit for high-frequency and high-speed will be required. Companies will continue to improve the supply chains, product lines and customer resources, and prepare for new development opportunities.", said Kalvin Yiu, regional sales director for Sunway Communication.

6401.bmp                              Sunway Communication in Munich Shanghai Electronic Show                   


Facing the opportunities brought by the 5G era, Sunway Communication is strengthening research and development collaborations, the integration of new technologies, and increasing the resources committed to frontier research and development of 5G technologies.

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