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Sunway Voted Top Electronic Company


The 2019 China Electronic Components Industry Summit was organized by China Electronic Components Association (CECA) and co-organized by Chengdu Hongming Electronics Co., Ltd. The summit was held in Chengdu, Sichuan from July 17 to 19.


As part of the summit, the top 100 electronic companies were announced. All contenders were evaluated from the aspects of business size, level of R&D, growth rate and credit financials. Since the establishment of the CECA in 1988, the list of China's Top 100 Electronic Components Manufacturers has a history of 32 years. The making of the lists requires extensive data collection, verification, collation, analysis and argumentation. Recent years have witnessed the increasingly fierce competition in China's electronic components industry. Naturally, making into the top 100 list has become a goal harder to achieve. This list has also become one of the most influential indexes to measure the strength of the players in the industry.


Generally, the revenue growth rates are still healthy, although lower than previous years. The total revenues of China’s top 100 electronic components enterprises in 2018 was 519 BCNY, an increase of 13.9% compared to 2017.



In the awards ceremony this year, Sunway Communication came in 10th place both for “Top China Electronic Components Enterprises in 2019" and for the "Top 100 China Electronic Components Enterprises with greatest growing potential”. While revenues of Sunway Communication were relatively lower than others at 4.7 BCNY, Sunway could demonstrate impressive revenue growth rate.



In recent years, “The Global Leading RF Connectivity One-stop Solution Provider”, Sunway Communication has been devoted to the main business of RF, achieving great results and recognition from the capital market and investors. In the future, Sunway Communication will remain true to its founding mission and insisting the core values of “Customer Satisfaction, Result-orientation, Accountability, Pursuit of Perfection and Honesty”. In the new 5G era, Sunway will continue to focus on RF technology, high-quality innovative products and outstanding customer service. We will continue to create value for our employees and society as well as to the development of the worldwide electronics industry.

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