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Sunway Jiangsu Officially Opens


Jiangsu, China  ( October 9, 2019) — Sunway Communication, the global leading RF connectivity one-stop solution provider, today held the opening ceremony for its Jiangsu Science and Technology Park. The new state-of-the art R&D and production facility  is located in Changzhou in Jiangsu province, a mere 2 hours’ drive from Shanghai.


The park boas ts a large newly constructed area with R&D buildings, production workshops and employee facilities. Focus has been on providing an attractive locatio n for partner representatives and Sunway colleagues and is set to meet the expanding need for new product development and manufacturing.  Additionally, emphasis has been put on ensuring the deployment of energy efficient processes and the latest in waste management equipment.


“We are delighted to welcome Sunway Communication, a leading technology provider, to Changzhou”, said  Mr Shendong, Head of Jintan District in Changzhou City. In addition, partner representatives, as well as Mr Ding, GM of Sunway Jiangsu, and Mr Peng, President of Sunway Communication, delivered speeches at the ceremony. Prior to the ceremony, the guests visited the newly decorated company showroom for a comprehensive overview of the group and its development to date.


Sunway Jiangsu Science and Technology Park is set to be a hub of high technology development, focusing on the research in new RF materials, wireless charging materials and modules, as well as new precision components products. With its integrated vertical manufacturing capabilities, the park will become the largest and most advanced R&D and production base of Sunway Communication and will support the group’s further expansion of new products for new applications in a globally exciting and expanding communications market.

About Sunway Communication


Sunway Communication is a world leading provider of RF connectivity related and other performance-critical components and modules. The company involves in all stages of the product value chain: research, development, sales and manufacturing. The parent company, Shenzhen Sunway Communication Co., Ltd, was established on April 27, 2006 and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in November 2010 (stock code: 300136). The main products of Sunway are Antennas, Wireless Charging modules and Soft Magnetic Materials, RF front-end components, EMC/EMI solutions, Cables and Connectors, Audio/RF modules and more.


For additional information or the name of your nearest Sunway Communication’s representative:


Sunway Communication

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