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San Diego, California, USA  — (November 25, 2019) — Sunway Communication, the global leading RF connectivity one-stop solution provider, today held the opening ceremony for its North American Research Institute (NARI). The new state-of-the-art R&D facility is located in the Sorrento Valley technology park of San Diego, close to other leading technology firms.



Sunway NARI is the North American branch of Sunway's Central Research Institute and will focus on RF and antenna technology research for 5G communication, as well as collaboration with universities and companies in North America for other technologies. Sunway NARI has OTA facilities to conduct passive and active tests for all 4G LTE bands, non-cellular bands, and 5G millimeter-wave bands. It is also equipped with DASY 5 for SAR/HAC testing and equipment for 3D printing and prototype PCB making. The team has RF/antenna simulation tools, including CST, HFSS and FEKO which are capable to simulate devices with sizes ranging from wearables to vehicles.


“We are delighted to officially open our North American Research Institute, a leading technology research center in the US and committed to make it play an important role for the future of Sunway", said Dr Wu, Executive VP of Sunway Communication and General Manager of Sunway Communication Inc.

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