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Shenzhen, China – (December 31, 2019) – Sunway Communication's Central Research Institute has been acknowledged as a "Shenzhen Next Generation High-Tech Center" by the regional municipality. The evaluation process was initiated in November and the final results were released following a series of assessments, inspections, and expert reviews.

Sunway Communication's Central Research Institute and its laboratory and test center unit Sunlab are fundamental for the success of Sunway in the competitive global electronics markets. The Central Research Institute focuses on the research and development of new RF materials, new RF components and antenna structures, and has a particular focus on solutions for 5G device and infrastructure applications. Examples include smartphone LCP antennas, antenna switches, micro RF modules and millimeter-wave phased antenna arrays. For infrastructure, examples include antenna structures, filters, circulators and small base station RF modules.


The test center Sunlab offers state-of-the-art test capabilities for virtually any global requirement and has all the relevant international accreditations. The complete scope of capabilities covering antenna testing, EMC testing, acoustics, and a broad range of mechanical and environmental testing capabilities all contributed favorably in the final results of the assessments.


This is the third time that Sunway CRI has received official regional acknowledgement, following the earlier recognitions as "5G RF System and LCP Engineering Technology Research Center of Guangdong Province", and "5G Millimeter-wave Antenna Engineering Technology Lab in Shenzhen". All combined, this additional recognition is additional evidence of Sunway being a cutting-edge technology leader.

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